Poco a poco

I have to get used to the fact that things take double the time and effort here. Yesterday, we stood in line for about 45 minutes at the cell phone company before we could get the different plans explained to us. We couldn’t decide on the phone right away, so we had to take the information and walk away with no phone. We were hoping to get a cell phone today, but after we returned to the store and picked out a phone, we tried to pay. After trying a few times with Adolfo’s credit card, the woman asked us if the card was international. Of course, all of our cards are international right now. She said, well our system cannot accept international cards. We could pay with cash, but with cash they also need proof of employment – which we don’t have yet. So…,no cell phone for us.

We also went to the telephone company to reinstate our landline – which was cut off last night due to lack of payment. This, we were actually able to accomplish in less than an hour. Working through bureaucracies (domestic or foreign) has never been my favorite pastime. But, we are getting things accomplished, if only at a slower pace than either of us would like.

I’m beginning to get my bearings here and I think I can find the grocery store on my own now, but I don’t have a lot of confidence about that statement. We did buy a very good map and when I got lost on Tuesday I was able to find myself and get home on my own.

I also downloaded Skype yesterday, but haven’t really done anything with it. I have a Skype name, if you don’t have a Mac and want to call me. We are discussing getting a US phone number (which we will have to pay for) and how much we might use this service. If you want my Skype address, e-mail me.

This is only our 4th day here.

2 Responses to “Poco a poco”

  1. aj burke Says:

    Ah, ha ha!! Reminds me of Chile!!! Remember how I had to ‘check out’ with four different people when I went into a store to buy a watch? It was a plastic digital watch, for crying out loud!!!

  2. Adolfo Says:

    YES! Amanda we love papers and stamps and legal things on papers… so if you want to do something you would spend one or two days getting a mobile phone for example.

    Also we don’t like to solve things on the phone, we rather like to go in person, so if you need to change or cancel a house service like phone, electricity, gas, etc. You must go t the office and do it in person and spend ½ day doing that.

    Viva la LatinAmercia way!!

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