We arrived safely in Guadalajara on Sunday afternoon. However, we didn’t have a good internet connection until last night. We’ve been working like crazy since we arrived. Adolfo is having meeting after meeting and I am trying to put the kitchen together so we can at least feed ourselves. Tonight I’m going to try to cook a soup for dinner. This will be the first really cooking I’ve done in more than a month! We’ll see how it goes – I only have one pot.

I’m almost getting used to answering the phone. The calls are either for Adolfo from people I know, or know of, or they are for the friends who used to live here. I’m still getting thrown off though. People here tend to not check their messages, so I just picked up the phone and the person on the other end said, “Whom am I speaking with?”

And I said, “What?” (not being accustomed to being challenged in this way when I answer the phone)

“I received a call from this number.”

So I said, “Ok, who am I speaking with?” He gave me his name and I recognized that it was a friend of Adolfo’s, but it was a strange (for me) and stressful way to begin a conversation.

The driving has also been challenging. I have gotten used to the fact that Adolfo likes to drive. I also realized, that I don’t like to drive. And so, for the most part, when we are in the car together, he drives.

However, now because the car is mine and in my name and cannot be sold to a Mexican citizen under Mexican law, I have to be in the car when Adolfo is driving. Which means that I need to get accustomed to driving here as fast as possible because I need to drop him off at all his meetings and drive myself home. We are working on getting some other arrangement in order so that I don’t have to continue playing chauffer.

The apartment is fantastic and the weather here is great. We are a little bit far from the center, so there are not so many busses, but otherwise it is great. The apartment is actually bigger than we thought and Adolfo will have a very nice office here. I plan to have a garden on our balcony (south facing).

4 Responses to “Arrived”

  1. barbara Says:

    Glad you arrived safe and sound. If they drive in Guadalajara the same way they drive in the rest of Mexico, be CAREFUL!

  2. alina Says:

    Estos pinches tapatíos son unos mal educados! como que “con quién hablo” sin antes saludar??? bueno Della los tapatíos son medio brutos y burdos y mal hablados, pero son buenas gentes, ya verás!
    suerte con el jardín del balcón!

  3. Beth Says:

    I can’t wait for some pictures! Glad to see you made it – I was asking your dad about any new news regarding your trip (while we were working at the corn factory). He was telling me things that I had already read on the blog! So he thought he might need to check it out!

    It is weird now that I official know you are in Mexico, I feel like you are soooo far away.

    So can’t wait for you to come back and do some real mexican cooking!

  4. deeb Says:

    Ah, Beth, but the really wierd thing is that I’m now closer than when we lived in California. And, I’m on your time zone!

    I’ve already given my parents a few ideas about what to do with their chili crop this summer.

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