Yesterday, I was walking to the subway and I noticed the plums have started dropping from the neighborhood trees. I immediately had a flash of remembering what was happening last year this time.

Last year, the plums ripened while we were in Guadalajara for the first time. We left for Guadalajara on the 1st of July, just like this year. When we came back, 2 weeks later, the plums were just past their prime. I did manage to scrape together a bowl to have with some pancakes. However, I thought to myself, next year I’ll have to remember to make some plum freezer jam in the first weeks of July.

Well, no plum freezer jam this year. I’ll have to content myself with the knowledge that the mangoes will be ripe when we get to Guadalajara and the avocados will be following along shortly thereafter. Maybe Mapau will let me steal some fruit from her neighborhood trees. I already know she has access to an avocado tree.


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