10 more days

I was finally able to talk to the State Department yesterday and was informed that my passport will arrive next Tuesday. This gives me just enough time to apply for a visa at the Mexican Consulate.

It will be great if I can get this visa. If not, I can enter the country on a tourist visa, but it may complicate things with my car. Since the car is legally mine, it will also be tied to my immigration status. If I need to leave the country, the car needs to leave the country also. At least, that’s the rumor on the tourist visa status. I’m going to apply for a visa that is a bit more serious than a tourist visa (FM-T or FM-3) and will only need to be renewed annually and I can leave the country without my car.

The packing is going well. I’m making lots of phone calls to cancel various services and subscriptions. The yard sale is on Sunday and we have dinners with friends scheduled for
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights!


2 Responses to “10 more days”

  1. barbara Says:

    is the passport thing resolved now? i heard on the news last night they are going back to drivers license/birth certif. until next summer.

  2. deeb Says:

    Well, I hope it’s resolved soon. I don’t want to enter with my drivers license because I’ll be required to return to the US and re-enter with my passport when my tourist visa expires.

    It could be a very costly visa renewal, and I might also have to drive my car back to the border (the car registration is tied to my immigration status).

    Currently, I don’t have plans to come back to the States until next summer.

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