I am back from the conference and all went very well. I was able to talk to about six different directors of offices in Guadalajara. I hope to grow these relationships and be able to use them to gain a foothold in my field in there. I gave out about 3/4 of the business cards. And, people seemed to like them. I received many positive reactions when I handed my card to people and I hope this also means I will be memorable.API and I worked on packing over the weekend and had previously survived the family invasion and the pillaging of furniture and other household items. We purchased a trailer for the car and I am working on getting the registration worked out so we have titles for the car and the trailer. We hashed out a driving plan and are still discussing with his mother if El Paso is the right place to cross.

Now I need to book a hotel in Vegas, send follow up e-mails to the people I met with last week and tag the kitchen with tape on the things that go into the yard sale.

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