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packing, packing, packing

March 21, 2007

The packing has begun in earnest. In my mind anyway.

We’ve been invited to a dinner party on Friday night, which means we will fly at 9pm Thursday, layover, land at 5am Friday. API’s interview is at 9am and then we have a dinner party that evening. AND, breakfast with his mom the next morning!

I told him we needed to schedule a siesta. And, I don’t even like siestas. Que gringa soy.

There is more pressure at work about the conference in MN. The office has denied my request, but I will need to go in order to get my ducks (read: contacts) in a row before leaving the country. So now I must request vacation time and get myself to the conference. My friend and collegue is going to the conference and has been asking me about sharing a hotel room. Which is great, if I knew that I had the approved vacation time and I knew I was really going to this conference. I’ll be going IF we decide to move. Ay, the big if.

A cup of tea and a good book

March 19, 2007

I just finished reading Tony Cohen’s “On Mexican Time” and am all fired up and am having romantic visions of buying a pink house and having chickens. Reality will settle in later…

We are leaving for Mexico on Thursday night. This could be the trip that decides our summer. If API’s meeting goes well, we may be moving to Guadalajara for the beginning of Fall Semester. We are crossing our fingers.

Many plans are hinging on this meeting: a conference in Minneapolis, a trip to Australia… Of course, neither my boss nor API’s work know of these plans. So, we keep working along like little worker bees, hoping we are making the right choices, that the other side is a better life and holds opportunities that we cannot get where we currently are.